ReverbNation Has 100,000 Musicians Donating to Charity…

by Sheme Jobs

ReverbNation’s Music For Good program has enrolled 100,000 artists.

Music For Good is a program run by ReverbNation, with a simple proposition: artists can opt in and donate some of their earnings to charity. Artists simply pick a song, and half of their sales for that track will go to the charity of their choice.

The site says that for a $1.29 sale, $0.56 goes to the artist, $.0.56 goes to the charity, and $0.17 goes to ReverbNation as a processing fee (ReverbNation further clarified that 12 cents of that goes to PayPal and credit card companies for payment processing, with a nickel going back to ReverbNation to cover administration costs).

Music For Good was started 10 months ago and now has 100,000 artists signed up.

There are 13 participating charities, including Beat Making Lab, charity: water, and Oxfam America. The program helps generate awareness for these charities and directly raises the size of their audience.

The CEO and founder of charity: water, Scott Harrison, says the program has allowed them “to tap into a unique, new demographic” they had “not previously been able to reach”. ReverbNation’s president and cofounder, Jed Carlson, says Music For Good “reinforced the premise that independent musicians have influence that can lead to real impact.”

No word on exactly how much money has been raised.